‘Isn’t it time the department cleaned up its act’

I appreciate Ipoh Echo carrying an article (Issue 232, April 1-15) on the contract workers’ issue. It’s a big scandal and needs to be exposed with a view to making changes. But there are some major errors, partly due to Malaysiakini’s faulty report, and partly because of confusion.

It is not true that I said “Therefore the workers can get their unpaid salary and minimum wage as soon as possible.” In my press release (below) I said that I hope they will get their unpaid salary…..as soon as possible. Lots of difference, as getting the wages is going to be another big struggle.

The number of errant contractors is huge. Our police report last year was on Double Click for late payment of wages. The company that has not paid wages for 7-10 months and has been declared bankrupt is Time Medi.

Once again I appreciate the coverage but would have been good if your side had called me to clarify.  Someone called to congratulate PSM for the ‘great job’ so I was quite surprised as we are not sure at this point if government will release the money. But we will fight hardest to get them to pay the workers.

R. Rani

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