One Final Push

Malaysia’s match against Pakistan yesterday, April 13 saw much improvement among the players. This was confirmed by coach, Stephen Van Huizen who was happy with his team’s overall performance.
“I’m impressed with their skills tonight. We’d a hard time defending our goal during the last five minutes,” said Stephen.
Despite constant attacks, skipper Razie Rahim gave Malaysia the full three points it needed when he scored the only goal, via a penalty corner, two minutes after the game started. However, goalkeeper Hairi Abd Rahman was the toast of the team for blunting the Pakistanis’ attempts at goal. He was duly rewarded for his efforts and was named “Man of the Match”.
Hairi’s most notable moment was in the third quarter when he stood his ground while under relentless attacks from the Pakistani forwards.
Earlier matches saw Australia defeating Japan 3-1 and New Zealand overcoming India 2-1.
Malaysia will take on world No. 7, India on Friday, April 15 at 8.30pm. In order to qualify for the final, the home team must beat the Indians by a definitive goal margin. And knowing the intense rivalry between the two Asian giants, the match is well worth waiting for.
Other matches on Friday, April 15 are Pakistan vs Japan 


pm  and Australia vs Canada



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