GARBAGE VIGILANTE Taman Seri Rapat polluted with trash

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Whose fault is the scattered rubbish?

It seems nonsensical that the roadside areas here are left filled with litter.

More surprisingly, warning signs put up by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to prohibit illegal dumping only serve as decorations.

Simply put, the irresponsible behavior of some residents, including passersby, is the cause of the litter problem in Taman Seri Rapat.

What’s annoying is that this location also serves as a night market site, where visitors are forced to see the rubbish at all times.

Asking the residents, they mentioned that although the rubbish is cleaned by MBI personnel regularly, it gets dirty again very rapidly.

A resident, Ahmad Zaki Ahmad Suri, said that the situation there has been ongoing for a long time, causing local residents to be at a loss to do anything.

“In this regard, I commend the MBI personnel for continuing to clean this area, and even putting up warning signs.

“Unfortunately, the attitude of some residents who are thoughtless and dirty makes this area look bad,” he said.

A night market visitor, P. Rajasingam, wants local leaders to play a more active role, including appointed Council Members.

“There must be a way to prevent this area from being polluted with rubbish.

“Stronger law enforcement measures need to be taken because otherwise, those who dump this rubbish will not hesitate to repeat their actions,” he said

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