Pantai’s 20th Anniversary

In conjunction with Pantai Hospital Ipoh’s 20th Anniversary, those who were born at the hospital in 1996 were invited to celebrate the occasion on Saturday, April 23.

The event was also opened to the public. Custom-made booths were set up to accommodate the stream of visitors who had dropped by to join the fun. There were booths on dietary advice, booths on medical equipment and medication, imaging information, manicure and haircut. There were also booths selling cupcakes for as low as RM2 each. Decorated with pretty icing and toppings, the items were eagerly snapped up.

“We’re doing this so people can get to know their medication better, like this inhaler for those with asthma,” said Teh Ren Ee, the girl manning the booth on medical equipment and medication.

The manicure slot was booked by 60 Pantai-born celebrants and hospital staff who wanted to look good for the occasion. A session on how to wash hands properly was also conducted. It might look mundane but it was essential to show visitors personal cleanliness and good hygiene.

Clifford Anthony, a Pantai-born student who is now studying at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, was there for a sentimental reason. “I’m honoured to be back at the place I was born. It’s definitely a memorable day for me,” he said.


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