Econsave Stepped Up to be Counted

When the story of Faizal Hung Abdullah came out in Ipoh Echo’s 237 issue, Econsave’s Manager (Northern Region), Zamzuri Mansor knew it was up to his team to be responsible and assist. “Through our Econsave’s Care 2016 campaign, Faizal and his family received  RM1000 worth of groceries including several items for the Aidilfitri such as cookies and new clothing,” said Zamzuri.

The donations have certainly helped Faizal and his family to manage during Ramadan as they used to only have dates and plain water for sahur (meal taken before fasting). The family’s tragic story has gained a lot of attention and was shared through the platform of social media as well as in print through Ipoh Echo.

“We would like to give our sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped us out. We received a lot of things and the kids couldn’t be any happier. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much,” said Faizal to the media recently.

Rosli Mansor

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