Ipoh Echo: Good, Interesting Read

I spent the night in Ipoh last Saturday before proceeding to Penang the next day to attend a George Town Festival event at The Royale Bintang Penang on Sunday afternoon. While I was at the hotel front desk, I picked up a copy of your Ipoh Echo.

I think Ipoh Echo has captured the spirit of good old Ipoh quite well.

I have had the pleasure of reading your community newspaper on the last few occasions when I was in Ipoh and have been impressed with the range of community events especially in the arts and theatre field. It is a real pity because I live in Petaling Jaya and do not know of these happenings because it is not reflected in the paper I get.

Ipoh does seem to have a thriving arts, theatre, social and community affairs events to keep the residents of your city engaged if they so wish to do so.

Finally, I like your editorial, ‘Is Life That Cheap?’ and the article ‘Have the Big Fish Slipped Through the Net?’

More major cities in Malaysia should have a community newspaper like yours.

Benedict Morais

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