Embrace a Luxury Lifestyle At Meru Suites, Meru Valley Resort

Live In the Heart of Wellness

Inspired by the increasing focus on lifestyle in our society, to have a heightened sense of awareness of the state of our well-being, the Meru Valley EcoVillage is premised upon the concept of wellness embracing an ideology of “Prolonging Quality Active Years”.

Located in the heart of the Kledang Saiong mountain range, Meru Valley Resort, Ipoh, is a  one-of-a-kind residential area, and now with its Eco Village sprawled across 10 acres of luxurious living space within the golf resort, it is ready to set new standards in luxury living in Perak.

Wellness Centre
The perfect place to pass pleasant moments dedicated to the care of your body and your mind.
Relax and receive individualized attention at the wellness center through Manicure, Pedicure,
Body Massage, Foot Reflexology, Hair Salon, and Facial Treatment.

Easily accessible and seamlessly connected to the city centre and also an easy commute to the North-South Expressway, the upscale property offers a posh lifestyle and complete amenities which is quintessential of luxe living. The amenities within Meru Suites, the apartment block within the Eco village, include a Wellness Centre, Fitness Centre, Health Centre, Executive Lounge & Dining and Laundry Services. In addition, other perks for the residents and members include the indoor and outdoor facilities at the clubhouse, which is a stone’s throw from the residential area.

Executive Lounge and Dining
Elegant and sophisticated in style, the Executive Lounge is a space that is both
relaxing and engaging with a classic, contemporary design offering both indoor
and outdoor dining. With all these options, Meru Suites is the perfect place for a
family vacation, a retreat with friends, or even a romantic getaway. For golf
lovers, we have generous golf packages that can be added onto any reservation.

The Wellness Centre is dedicated to promoting physical vitality and rejuvenation. The services include manicure and pedicure, facial treatments, body treatment (foot reflexology and body massage) and hairdressing as well as hair treatments, which is made available upon 24-hour appointment bookings.

The property also houses a Fitness Centre with HUR equipment, a world leading company specializing in senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. The pneumatic technology and smart computerized system replaces the conventional weight equipment which is crucial for more efficient, safer exercise for people of all ages and abilities, thus perfect for senior exercise and rehabilitation.

Fitness Centre
Equipped with HUR equipment, a world leading company specializing in
senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness.

Meru Valley Resort is privileged to have the region’s first ever community-based health centre providing a comprehensive range of services, encompassing a medical clinic, home nursing, rehabilitation and physiotherapy in a residential development. Residents are offered services such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation services (pain management, stroke rehab, sports rehab, soft tissue manipulation, home care, back pain, neck pain, painful knees, stiff shoulders and golfers elbow). Meanwhile for senior residents and the bedridden, a basic nursing care service is available (bed bath & hair shampoo, skin and nail care, pressure and bedsore care). The idea is to provide an environment equipped with facilities and services that resonate with well-being and positive energy, as well as care facilities for those in need; all essential elements in creating a fulfilled and peaceful lifestyle.

So much more than a state-of-the-art estate, the Eco Village was designed with your well-being and holistic living in mind, allowing you to surround yourself with wellness and good vibes to live better and happier.

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