Thumbs Down

Dangerous T-junction

Thumbs Down

By A. Jeyaraj

At the T-junction between Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (Maxwell Road) and Jalan Charlton, near the Shell Station, stumps were placed along the centre of Maxwell Road to direct the traffic along the left lane to go straight and the right lane was for vehicles turning right into Jalan Charlton. This was safe for vehicles queuing on the right lane to make a right turn and especially for vehicles from Jalan Charlton to turn into Maxwell Road.

The stumps have since been removed and vehicles on both lanes in Maxwell Road, especially heavy duty vehicles are going straight, making it unsafe for vehicles from Jalan Charlton to turn into Maxwell Road. As per Malaysian culture, vehicles speed up on the right lane as they pass the junction.

This is one of the accident prone areas and a number of accidents have taken place, including a few nasty ones. Since the Education and Customs Departments are here, the road is busy. Many heavy duty vehicles use this road. After filling petrol, many motorists use Jalan Charleton to turn into Maxwell Road; without the stumps this becomes dangerous.

There are a couple of other T-junctions along Maxwell Road without stumps. Stumps were installed in this junction in the first instance because this was considered an accident prone junction.

The stumps must be reinstalled before a major accident takes place.

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