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Tourists are disappointed, the mural art is fading and abandoned!

BY: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

IPOH- “At first I was very excited to see the mural paintings here, but I was disappointed because most of the mural paintings have faded and some of them are no longer visible!,”

That’s the comment of Mackenzie Boyer, 31, one of the tourists from Austin Texas, USA who came to Ipoh just to see the mural painting in Jalan Masjid, Taman Jubilee, Ipoh.

“I found out about the mural paintings here through websites and on travel blogs. I am very interested because it shows the artistic value of various communities in this country.

“I hope that tourism or the parties involved can re-monitor the murals that have been eroded to be repaired or repainted.

“To be honest, the mural paintings here are very interesting and colourful. If no action is taken, it will harm one of the tourism products that attract the attention of tourists,” she said.

Mackenzie Boyer, an English teacher also commented on the state of cleanliness along the mural corridor. She said that there are several piles of garbage behind the business premises.

“The local authorities and the local community should be sensitive and constantly monitor the cleanliness of the environment here, even though it is not bad, the piles of garbage spoil the sight.

“In the same way, the wild plants that are crawling on the walls are also disturbing the existing murals,” she said.

The owner of Vintage Cafe No. 100, Nor Hafizi Ozau Suri, 46, who started a business four years ago in this area said most of the existing murals have faded and some have eroded.

“This mural art has indeed been the focus of tourism for a long time. Foreign tourism visits to this area are increasing after the endemic phase began.

“I hope that the state government through Tourism Perak can repair the mural that has been around for a long time and has been eroded by weather factors. There were also some acts of vandalism against the mural painting which also disfigured the view.

“As we know, 2023 is the year to visit Ipoh. We should have been prepared with tourism products in perfect condition.

“Mural paintings not only beautify old buildings but reflect the culture of various races as well as the value of art that is admired by foreign tourists,” he said.

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