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Former soldier, Abdul Rahman Sihak, 44, and his wife, Suriyati Zainuddin, 38, never lost hope of seeing their bedridden son recover despite their many challenges.

Their second child, Mohamad Luqman Hakim, 16, is paralysed, neck down, following a motorcycle accident on the eve of his PT3 examinations in October 2016.

According to Suriyati, his son suffered bleeding in the brain a day after the tragedy. After five months in coma, Mohamad Luqman could only move his eyes while his whole body was immobile.

“There is no visible wound on his body. His condition, according to the doctor treating him, is due to brain injury. It’ll take time to heal.

“We couldn’t forget the incident, as it happened right in front of us. Luqman was on his motorcycle when a motorcyclist rammed him from the rear. The guy rode off without stopping to check. It’s a hit-and-run,” she told Ipoh Echo when met at her house in Taman Makmur, Sungai Siput recently.

The Form 3 student is fed powdered milk daily, as he is not allowed to take solid food. The milk is fed via a tube through his nostrils.

“He needs 15 tins of powdered milk a month. The milk, at RM72.50 a tin, only lasts two days. We’ve to work doubly hard to buy the milk.

“We need additional items such as disposable diapers and medical supplements for his use. Fortunately, the hospital fees are being borne fully by our son’s school. It helps reduce our burden a little.

“Our only source of income is our food stall business. Although my husband is an ex-serviceman, he receives no pension. He taps rubber to make ends meet,” she added.

The boy passes motion using tubes which need to be changed daily. He requires specialised drugs for these bodily functions.

The family receives RM300 from Baitulmal and another RM300 from the state welfare department every month.

Mohamad Luqman has four siblings. Three are still in school while the youngest is a toddler.

“I place Luqman’s fate squarely in God’s hands. He’ll recover, as he’s a strong boy.  My wish is for the kind-hearted to come forward and help us,” she implored.

Readers wishing to donate can remit your contributions to Bank Simpanan Nasional Account No: 08901-29-0001 2535-7, in the name of Suriyati Zainuddin.

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