A Historical Family Gathering


Sayed Azlan Sayed Ahmad, a scion of the Jamalullail family who had done a lot of research on his family’s genealogy, decided to gather his relatives so as to be better acquainted with one another.

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2016, Ipoh Echo was invited to witness and cover this auspicious event at Kampung Temong in Enggor, Perak.

Before the reign of Sultan Muzaffar Syah (1528-1549), Tok Temong was the lady who administered the district of Temong. Her name lives on as she was one of the many who contributed towards Perak’s historical well-being.

Many of us have not heard of Temong, as her exploits were not widely publicised. In recognition of Tok Temong’s contributions, her tomb was reconstructed by the Department of Museums Malaysia in 1979. During the Sultan of Perak’s coronation, her tomb would be among those visited, as part of the royal tradition.

Apart from Tok Temong, another iconic personality was Syed Hussain Al-Faradz Jamalullail. He was a religious scholar from Hadhramaut, Yemen who arrived in Perak in the early 19th century to spread the Islamic faith in the Malay Peninsula. Being the originator of the Jamalullail family in Perak, his descendants proliferated and live on till today.

“This is our first family gathering and I’m pleased that it’s a success. We plan to make this an annual event. It’s not just about the family history, it’s also about promoting Temong,” said Sayed Azlan, a former Public Relations Officer of Ipoh City Council.

A total of 700 family members from all parts of the country gathered to celebrate the inaugural reunion. As they chatted over ice breaking sessions, activities such as cooking competitions and tele-matches were held.

“It’s so good to be here, sharing stories of our own ancestors. Hopefully, by organising this family get-together on an annual basis we can turn Temong into a touristic spot,” he added.


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