SSI Tower is Ipoh’s Latest Landmark

Launched by MB Inc on January 16 and scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, the new Perak’s State Secretary Incorporated (SSI) will become Ipoh’s new landmark.

Built on 1.512 acres, the building is part of Ipoh’s Soho 2 project, run by MH Amanjaya Properties Sdn Bhd (MHAP), a joint-venture company between Amanjaya Properties Ventures Sdn Bhd (under MB Inc) and Man Hoe Properties Sdn Bhd.

Perak State secretary, Dato’ Seri Abdul Puhat Mat Nayan launched the event together with MH Amanjaya Properties’ Chairman cum Head Executive of MB Inc, Dato’ Aminuddin Hashim; Perak  state Financial Officer, Dato Haji Mohd Gazali bin Jalal and Perak state Legal Adviser, Dato’ Rohana Abdul Malek.

“The SSI Tower will not only be Ipoh’s landmark but also will be the headquarters for Perak’s State Secretary Department. The building will also play a significant role in creating more opportunities for MB Inc and SSI to work together in the future,” said Dato’ Seri Abdul Puhat.

“This 11-storey building will also provide bigger opportunities for business, investments and of course, work vacancies that will benefit everyone,” said Dato’ Aminuddin Hashim.

Developed since 2014, Soho 2 is an ongoing project supported by the state government as part of their initiative to build a stronger economic platform to welcome more investors and business players to Perak.

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