Going Herbal Does Wonders

Originating from New Delhi, India, Vaadi Herbals is a natural product which has just been launched in Ipoh by its exclusive distributor for Malaysia, Aryan Global recently. It started off back in 2006 and has been exported to more than 15 countries so far.

As we are all aware, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems developed in India some 3000 years ago. According to an ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery, it was said that the Hindu god of Ayurveda incarnated himself as a legendary king who taught a group of physicians medicinal secrets.

Until today, Ayurveda remains the ideal choice for most, including Vaadi Herbals. Ranging from skin, hair, body, foot and gift kits, Vaadi Herbals’ products are made purely from extracts of herbs, shrubs and fruits such as apricot, agarwood, avocado and almond.

Vaadi Herbals

These ingredients are individually tested before being used in the final product. In fact, the company has its own plants and warehouses in New Delhi to ensure safety and constant supply.

“I’m surprised to receive so much positive feedback on how effective this product is. It goes to show that going natural really works and should be a motivation for everyone to say ‘no’ to chemical products,” said Aryan Global’s sales advisor, Priya Vivek.

Those keen on trying out the product can contact Priya directly at 012 525 0715 or 019 789 5252.


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