1001 Sides of Ipoh

Known fondly as the “Town That Tin Built”, Ipoh has its origins from the booming tin trade of the 1880s. From a humble beginning Ipoh has transformed into a bustling metropolis bursting at its seams. The town was accorded city status in May 1988 and from thence there was no looking back.

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel portal, has accredited Ipoh as the 6th most preferred destination to visit in Asia.

The fourth biggest city in Malaysia, Ipoh is famous for its unique limestone caves and outcrops believed to be over 250 million years old. The more popular ones are the Kek Look Tong Cave, Tambun Cave and Sam Poh Tong Cave.

Ipoh is noted for its heritage setting. The city’s 45 historical buildings, built during the British colonial era, are a sight to behold. The Ipoh Railway Station, one the biggest, is nicknamed the “Taj Mahal of Malaysia”. The ideal way to experience this nostalgia is by taking a trip, either on foot or on bicycle, along the city’s heritage trail. It will take you through Old Town passing by some historical buildings and sites.

And while you feast your eyes, don’t miss out on the exciting range of menus from over 50 hipster cafes dotting the city. With their unique concepts and reasonably-priced food, it is little wonder why Ipoh is regarded as a food haven.

Drop by Gerbang Malam (night flea market), Kong Heng Square or Concubine Lane for some creative souvenirs. On weekends, check out Pasar Karat (Memory Lane) for a wide range of collectibles. Then head over to Little India, another shopping paradise, for some more excitement.

Lost World of Tambun, a one-of-a-kind water theme park, is filled with natural hot springs. It boasts a sandy beach complete with rolling waves. The park’s mini zoo is the perfect place to view animals endemic to this region.

Your visit to Ipoh will not be complete without sipping the now renowned Ipoh white coffee, a traditional beverage with a slight twist. And before leaving don’t forget to buy some Tambun pomelos, the best citrus fruit this side of the world.

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