Water Park Affected by “Puasa” Timing

On May 30, I brought my kids to the playground at Taman Bulatan Aman Jaya. We were there at around 4.30pm. I asked the security personnel on duty what time the water park there operates, he told me 4.45pm to 7pm, and 8pm to 10pm. I asked if there were any morning sessions and he said during normal time there is one session from 10am to 12pm. But since it is puasa month, nobody would come in the morning and they actually suspended the morning session.

I felt very angry and offended by the security personnel. The park is a public park and open to EVERYBODY regardless of race. By suspending the morning session they are denying kids from other races from enjoying the water park there. And as it was the school holidays, parents could have brought their kids to the park in the morning. I did not question or raise the issue with the security personnel, as I know he is just doing his job and following instructions. But I hope Ipoh Echo could raise this issue to the relevant authority.

I think RACE or RELIGIOUS practice should not be related to open public areas, like in this case a public outdoor water park. This public water park is open to EVERYBODY.


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