Road Safety

Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) should emphasize road safety since the number of road fatalities in Malaysia is alarming due to faulty traffic lights, faulty street lights, poor road maintenance conditions, faded road and divider lines, damaged reflectors, unlevel roads causing water stagnation, etc. We hope that city council could work together with these agencies to combat road safety issues. There is no point of setting up a special unit to observe the road infrastructure damage or malfunctions without​ efforts to solve the problem immediately. A temporary solution should be implemented for those repairs of road infrastructure which can be done immediately such as placing hazard lights, reflectors, road cones, to avoid road fatalities.

The street lights malfunction in front of Lafarge Cement Kanthan Chemor Perak for almost three months has caused many road fatalities.



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