Orang Asli Mass Wedding

Under the Nikah Jamaie Syarie Programme, 13 orang asli couples from the Temiar tribe tied the knot simultaneously on Thursday, July 27 at Kampung Kajang, Lasah.

The inaugural event was organised by the Perak Islamic Religious Department of Kuala Kangsar and the Adun Lintang Service Centre with the support of the Department of Orang Asli Development and the Perak Association of Wives of State Assemblymen (BAIDURI).

Adun of Lintang, Dato’ Zolkafly Harun said the couples, aged between 18 and 43, were from Kampung Kajang, Pos Yum, Pos Legap, Pos Piah and around Jalong.

“The event is aimed at facilitating the wedding rites and to reduce the financial burden of the newlyweds.

“Those who are interested need only obtain their family’s blessing and provide their MyKad details. The rest, such as online wedding registration, will be done by us free-of-charge.

“Besides abiding by the Islamic teachings, we want the people to retain the purity of their generations via marriage,” he explained.

Present were the Kuala Kangsar District Religious Administrative Officer, Burhanuddin Md Dali and BAIDURI Sg Siput Co-ordinator, Dato’ Zaitun Abd Rahman.

Zulhilmi Abom, 22, who came to know his bride, Norlia Kadir, 18, a year ago expressed his excitement during the ceremony. “We met in town. I was afraid to greet her initially thinking she’d rebuff me. But, fortunately, she’s a friendly person,” he said.

The age gap between Kamisi Long, 43, and Norizan Shamsudin, 19, was never an obstacle for them to enjoy a blissful relationship. “I am excited because this is my first involvement in a mass wedding. Plus, it is easy and is cost-effective,” said Kamisi.

For Muhammad Hidayat Ahab, 21, he was grateful that his dream to marry his school sweetheart, Haimi Anjang, 20, materialised.

“My fervent hope is that our union will last a lifetime,” said the young man from Kampong Perwor.

Luqman Hakim

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