Thumbs Down

Railway Station Ordeal

Thumbs Down

A reader told Ipoh Echo about her recent ordeal at the Ipoh railway station.

She has been commuting between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur by the ETS (Electric Train Service) since 2010. On Sunday, August 27, her Ipoh to Kepong Sentral train, which was supposed to depart at 3.30pm, was postponed to 5.45pm without prior notice.

“I waited from 3pm but there was no announcement made. We asked the guard at the entrance gate but he too was in the dark. At about 3.40pm we were told to wait for the 5.45pm train. That’s over two hours delay,” she lamented.

A train came at 3.30pm but it was for passengers who missed the 1pm train instead. Similarly, those who bought the 5.45pm tickets were confused when those holding the 3.30pm tickets boarded their train. Such a tardy arrangement caused a snowballing effect.

If able-bodied commuters were confused just imagine the elderly and the disabled. The station was so packed that the crowd spilled over to the taxi-waiting area. Plus, it was hot and stuffy inside.

“I’m certain, those who were going to KL Sentral to catch the KLIA Express train to the airport must have missed their flights,” she added.

Mei Kuan

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