Ipoh Kreative Satellite

After the success of the previous Ipoh Kreative, Projek Rabak recently held a mini introduction of Ipoh Kreative 2017, entitled Ipoh Kreative Satellite on September 9 at Khizanat recently.

The event, which is also part of the week-long Perak Festival of Ideas (PFOI) 2017 was attended by more than 100 guests. The programme started with a talk by one of Projek Rabak’s founders, Mohd Jayzuan Zainal Puait, 35, who shared his views on the ‘subculture’ of Ipoh’s creative industry.

“Projek Rabak began with a vision. We wanted to have a well-established art collective that celebrates and unites all forms of the arts. We didn’t have much funds when we first started and until today we are still working towards achieving our dreams,” said Jayzuan who also acted as the festival director for the event.

“I’ve met a few people across Malaysia who wanted to do what Projek Rabak does but couldn’t because of the lack of funds and support. It is hard but never impossible. To get donations, our team had to work hard to get our name and work known. To get sponsors you need to work hard in branding and build good rapport,” added Jayzuan, who also stressed on the importance of organisation and discipline as two most important qualities that have contributed to the success of Projek Rabak.

Soon after Jayzuan’s talk, the audience were entertained by three performers from Projek Rabak: LadSheer (who was featured in Echo’s Personality issued 260), Jack Malik who recently performed at The Other Fest and Sefa, a mime artist. Ladsheer recited five of her poems while Jack presented a new version of his signature ‘Sajak Jak Jak’ and also recited several new poems and Sefa’s outstanding performance received applause from the audience.

The event later continued with special performances by Harmacy and Space Gambus Experiment (SGE). Founded in 2000, Harmacy is an indie rock quartet, based in Ipoh and they sang several songs including Riuh, Here to Here and Ku-Cari (I’m looking).

Recently performing at the Ipoh Experimental Music Fest, Space Gambus Experiment’s performance was incredible. The avant-garde band, founded by Dr Kamal Sabran is an open-source musical project and performing group centering around the gambus (short-necked lute) played by Kamal himself. During the Ipoh Kreative day, joining Kamal was Hafiz Chai who played the saxophone and Fasyali who used rebab (a type of a bow-stringed instrument).

“I am glad that Ipoh Kreative will always be a special festival that attracts a certain kind of people. There are many arts events out there happening in Ipoh but Ipoh Kreative is offering something that isn’t commercial and frankly, quite experimental. Despite our small attendance, I am glad that everyone had a great time,” added Jayzuan.

For Zeti Shuhaila Mustafa Kamal, 45, she hopes to see more events like Ipoh Kreative held in Ipoh.

“From what I’ve seen today, as an audience, I believe Ipoh Kreative is giving a platform for young artists as well as giving exposure to young crowds on the arts collective. Most youngsters these days only indulge themselves with mainstream music. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it would be great if they are exposed to different kinds of entertainment. Since the event is free, hopefully we get to see more youngsters attend this event again,” said Zeti.

Few local-based brands also took part in the event and open exclusive booths such as clothing line’s Peace Be Upon You, book store’s Tinta Budi, Bodysurf Music, and Kolek (displaying old classic toys).

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