Minerals Day 2017

In conjunction with Minerals Day 2017, Imerys Minerals Malaysia Sdn Bhd hosted a site visit by Year 6 pupils from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos Raya. The visit was organised on Wednesday, September 20.

Apart from visiting its work site at Simpang Pulai, the 34 Orang Asli pupils were also briefed on the use of limestone in daily life and the importance of safety in quarry.

According to Mohd Yazid Mohd Dan, the Land, Mining, Environment and Public Affairs Manager, the programme is one of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to educate the public about the environmental health standards vis-à-vis the perceived destruction of the scenic hills for the extraction of calcium carbonate (limestone).

The talk concluded on how the company draws the line between conserving the limestone hills and quarrying them.

The students were divided into three groups. While one group was taken around the plant, the other was in a room listening to the talk, the third partook in a colouring competition. They rotated once their task was done.

Senior Assistant of the school, Raja Salehuddin Raja Soran said that the visit was a precious opportunity and experience for the students.

“It’s an eye-opener for me, as I never knew that many things are made from limestone, such as paper that we use everyday.

“I’ve been passing by this quarry for over 14 years to go to work but never had a chance to get inside. When the company invited us for the visit, we’re so excited. I appreciate the efforts taken by the company to educate the local community,” he said.

One of the students, Finu Bah Muli said he had gained plenty from the visit, especially about the usefulness of limestone in our daily life.

“What I like most is the visit to the work site. It was a memorable experience for me. I hope one day I’ll be gainfully employed by the company,” he told Ipoh Echo.

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