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Lan Heong Yuen – Hong Kong Style Noodle House

By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen
Pics by Vivien Lian

Good news for fans of Wonton Noodles and all the wonderful roast meats that usually adorn many a noodle shop front that is a familiar sight in Hong Kong. KC Tong the ex Restaurant Manager at Yuk Sou Hin in Weil Hotel has opened his own Noodle House near Station 18.

Borrowing a leaf from many Hong Kong chefs, KC and his family are doing a roaring business with his range of roast meats, wonton and other noodles and two signature items: the tea smoked duck and the special barbecued pork buns, which apparently are flying off the oven shelves as people are ordering them by the dozens with an average weekday sale of more than 150 and weekends 250 above. That’s a load of freshly baked pork buns as takeaway!

What makes these pork buns, known as Suet San Pao or Snow Mountain Buns, special is not that they are baked but that they are topped with a layer of sweetened cream which melts in the oven, encrusting the bun when they emerge. The resultant pao with its ‘Char Siu’ filling inside is delectable with a mild crunch and a sweetish mouthfeel, unlike any regular Char Siu Pao (baked or steamed) you’ve ever eaten – RM2.50 per piece.

Their other signature is their Tea-smoked Duck, a delectably tender duck redolent with the smoky aroma of Pu-Er Chinese tea. You can buy the whole duck for RM59, half for RM30, quarter upper for RM16 and lower with the leg for RM20. Great for takeaway or eat in.

And while there, remember to have a bowl of their Wonton, RM3 for 5 pieces, which are fragrant, firm, fresh, served in a broth that has been simmered overnight from bones. Nibble on their homemade Char Siu and Siew Yoke or Chinese roast pork  (alone or mixed plate for RM10/15/25 S/M/L) or if alone just order the plate of dry noodles with Char Siu which comes with a bowl of soup and three wonton for RM5.

And don’t forget their Baked Australian Cheese Tart for dessert, RM2 each.

Restoran Lan Heong Yuen
#103,105 Medan Stesen 19,
Stesen 18, 31650 Ipoh.
Tel: 05 321 2430/ 012 937 2822
Open: 6.30am-3pm
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