Royal Belum – Gateway to Nature’s Treasures

Did you know that Perak has a 130-million-year-old tropical rainforest? It is the oldest in the world, much older than the Amazon jungle in Brazil.

On July 31, 2003, the Belum Rainforest was officially named the Royal Belum State Park by the late Sultan Azlan Shah. The facility is being managed by the Perak State Parks Corporation.

The park encompasses an area of 117,500 ha, which is almost 90 per cent of the Belum Forest Reserve (132,000 ha). History dictates that the name “Belum” originated from the sound emitted by the stick insect which sounds like “belummm…belummm”.

Besides boasting a huge array of flora and fauna, Belum is home to the biggest parasitic flowering plant in the world, the Rafflesia. Three of the 28 species of the plant found here are R. KerriiR. Cantelyi and R. Azlani (named after Sultan Azlan Shah).

Perak State Parks Corporation offers four comfortable camping sites namely, Sungai Kenarong Camp, Jenut Papan Camp, Sungai Tiang Tiang Camp and Sungai Kejar Camp.

Sungai Tiang Camp offers both breathtaking sunset view and exciting fishing experience. It is located beside Lake Temenggor, the second largest lake in Peninsular Malaysia.

Between July and September, visitors stand a chance of seeing over 10 species of hornbills migrating from Hulu Muda Kedah and Thailand looking for food and a mate at Royal Belum.

Experience the cool and refreshing waters of the Kooi River waterfall, considered as among the most beautiful shower waterfalls in Asia. Equally spectacular is the waterfall at Sungai Rouk Fish Sanctuary where freshwater fishes of various species, endemic to the area, are found.

Remember to drop by the Orang Asli settlement of the Jahai tribe at Kampung Aman Damai. Here, visitors can witness first-hand their unique culture and tradition. Plus, you get to purchase some forest herbs and handicrafts made of rattan to bring home.

To access Royal Belum, one has to contact Perak State Parks Corporation for an entry permit. Your sojourn to this natural frontier will be supervised by a forest ranger whose duty is to ensure that your presence does not endanger the ecosystem herein.

Contact the Perak State Parks Corporation at +605 791 4543 or visit its website for more information.

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