No Rise in Assessment Rates

Rumours circulating alleging that Ipoh City Council has raised the annual assessment rates of landed properties are false. No revision has been done since the last one in 2015. Nonetheless, the rumours found traction with many property owners who were riled by the perceived rise in rates.

To quash the rumours, Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man called for a media conference on Tuesday, January 9 to clarify the situation. The meeting with reporters was held at the conference room of the council building.

Zamri told reporters that the rumours were uncalled for as the council had not revised the rates since the last revision in 2015. The increased payment, he reasoned, could be attributed to residents themselves rather than the council.

“Annual assessment rates are calculated based on a formula. The basis of calculation is the area of one’s property, namely the size of the built-up area,” he reasoned.

According to the mayor, several factors are taken into consideration before a new rate becomes official following a revision.

First, is the land value – conversion from vacant to building lot. Second, legal modifications done to the property. Third, status of the land. And finally, illegal structures added to the original design of the property.

As of November 31 2017, the annual assessment rates of 32,887 properties, involving 102 housing schemes and residential areas, had been revised. Property owners were issued notices informing them of the revised rates.

“Owners are given until January 14 to respond. They can either agree or object. If there is no response by then, the council assumes that property owners are agreeable to the new rates,” said the mayor.

As at January 8, the Council has received 68 objections from property owners who were issued with the notices.

Nabilah Hamudin and Amy Chan

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