Silver Nite Ride 4.0

More than 300 cycling fans and riders in Perak gathered at Perak’s Youth Sport Centre to celebrate the fourth Perak Silver Nite Ride in December 2017.

The event which is held annually, was attended by the public and Ipoh Foldies Club members; a cycling club in Ipoh who is also the organiser of the event.

“As a club, we usually cycle at least twice a month at night. Participants of this event would come from Kuala Kangsar and Teluk Intan and there was one time that we were joined by over 400 cyclists,” said the president of Ipoh Foldies Club, Muhammad Remy.

“All the cyclists are cycling about 25 to 30km around Ipoh town today. Our event is also supported by the police and we have paramedics on call should something happen. We prioritise safety to ensure a fun ride for everyone who joined,” said Remy.

As this is their fourth year of organising, Remy and his team hopes that the Perak government together with Perak Department of Youths and Sports will continue to support this healthy event in 2018.

“This is the only way we can gather cycling fans and cyclist together and promote a healthier lifestyle as well as making friends who share the same interest regardless of their race and gender,” added Remy.

 Luqman Hakim

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