NAI’s Bollywood Nite

On Saturday, March 31, Noah’s Ark Ipoh (NAI) held its fundraising dinner at the grand ballroom of Syeun Hotel, Ipoh. Guests attended in bedazzling  and colourful glamorous suits as the theme of the night was Bollywood. The seven-course Chinese dinner began around 8pm.

Over 500 guests came to join in the fun whilst contributing to a good cause. They were entertained by various performances such as upbeat dance performances by Mast Millenium, D’Artiz, Zumba performances by Pro Fit dance studio, dhol drumming by Black Baajh Bhangra and singing performances by Gul Muhammad from Pakistan. The performances were joined by members and volunteers of NAI too.

“It’s really disheartening to know that animal cruelty is still happening today. The public should be aware that the laws have changed since July 2017 to protect these animals. If we witness a cat or dog chained or caged 24 hours a day, we must make an effort to report this act to the Department of Veterinary Services,” remarked President of NAI, Peggy Vong.

“We must contribute our part to educate the public. The penalty of animal abuse could be either going to jail or fined more than a thousand ringgit. These steps show that the authorities are taking animal abuse in a much more serious manner and it’s a good start. Next time if a stray cat or dog comes up to us, feed it and take a photo to post on social media. Who knows, it might help them find a new owner,” she continued.

A video presentation of happy owners who have adopted stray animals was shown. It brought warmth and smiles to guests who attended. As guests danced and sang along to the singing performances of songs such as the popular ‘Despacito’ and more, it was a night to remember for all.


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