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Symphony Under The Stars

Whether you’ve been married to orchestral music for decades or have just started dating the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Klaus Badelt, Richard Rodgers and John Williams, there was much to love in the orchestral concert, Symphony Under The Stars on Saturday, March 24.

Organised by Ipoh-born brother and sister duo behind the Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy and Estee Pook Academy, it unfolded at The Haven Resort Hotel under specially-constructed clear sky tents right on the helipad.

Under the baton of two conductors, Eugene Pook and Mayya Musaeva, all-time favourites such as Nocturne, overture to The Phantom of the Opera, Edelweiss, theme from Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Swan were played. The animated Eugene Pook, whose gestures and expressions reflected a universe of feeling, added to the mood of the music and was fun to watch.

Attended by 280 guests, the evening ensued with the instrumental covers of popular songs interpreted by acclaimed soprano, Tan Sin Sim and young vocalists from Estee Pook Academy.

Eugene, who is also the principal of the Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy, shared with Ipoh Echo, “The objectives of our collaborative performance held in The Haven for the first time ever are to let our community know there is hope in our musical future as there are many talented musicians and to bring more vibrancy and diversity to the community.”

“Plus, in this tranquil and serene place, that is, The Haven, all that’s missing is music! It’s very rare to have this kind of right environment,” he explained.

“The performance was fantastic and absolutely special!” Kuan Siew, whose two children performed that evening, enthused.

The showcase was the culmination of the intense music camp cum workshop that happened over the weekend. Present was Peter Chan, the chief executive officer of The Haven.

Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy is an orchestra training centre for people from all walks of life, all ages, and all levels. For more info please visit

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