Wishes for a New Malaysia

We are a nation in transition.

We are in a ‘back to the future situation’ – trying to reclaim our birthright as Malaysians; what we experienced in our early days as a nation.

But old, backward ways and voices try to hold us back, calling us back to the dark side.

Religion, Race, Division, Corruption, Special Rights, Some above the others, Fear……

All of these are the voices of the dark one, evil is their path.

As Yoda said “fear is the path to the dark side”.

We need to move collectively to the light and to reclaim Malaysia for all Malaysians.

“Tired we are, of the old ways.” We need to leave old and failed ways behind, leave them to failed parties and blinded people, full of hatred and poison in their souls.

So we need to speak Trust, Truth, Justice, Hope, Kindness, Understanding, Love, Acceptance, Unity, One People…..

Can we articulate some wishes for our brave new Malaysia that dwell in many hearts:

It would be good if we stop using ethnic descriptions in speech or writing.

No more the use of “Malay” and “non-Malay”. None of us are “non-anything”, we are Malaysians.

Let us focus on the needs of our people, especially for the poor in our country, everyone, everywhere, including our foreign workers who help build Malaysia.

It would be good to remove the titles and barriers that hinder communication and that encourage ‘false’ homage. Our homage is only to God. All of mankind are equal in God’s eyes. The term “YB” should refer to “yang berkerja” untuk masyarakat. Elected representatives and those in the civil service are there to serve the nation, not be lords.

We would love to see the return of respect that we owe to all religions, and even to those who choose not to follow any. Belief or lack of it is a personal choice, no one can dictate to another. Return religion to the domain of the personal and remove it from all official activities. Let us not be critical of another person’s spiritual belief system but work to deepen our own.

For wishes to come true we will all have to work, and work really hard to undo years of poisoning of the hearts and minds of our people. But now we have an opportunity, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We, the people, have to be the check and balance our government needs us to be.
We will have to be the fabric of love that holds the people together amidst the tension and fears.
We will have to be the love that glues us together until race, religion, power, money no longer divides us.
One Malaysia, One People, One Nation, One Dream….Unity.

Dr Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’)
Dr Lim Swee-Im (Datin)

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