6-Ton House Relocated Manually

Over a hundred villagers and students from Universiti Teknologi Perak (UTP) and Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) helped carry a house from its original location in Dataran Badang. They were aided by 40 tahfiz students from Pattani, Thailand.

The house, weighing a massive six tons, was carried a total distance of 150m, to Kampung Labu Kubong, Lubuk Merbau on Saturday, July 14.

The programme, aimed at continuing the age-old tradition of lifting and carrying old houses, was the initiative of the Kampung Labu Kubong Homestay manager and members of Adventure 360 Tours.

Although 150m is a short distance, it took participants roughly four hours to move the house. They took turns to lift the house, and were met with countless obstacles, such as ditches and trenches before reaching their destination.

Organiser Meor Samsudin Abu Hassan said that the idea to revive this dying tradition, practised by his ancestors, came about after some villagers expressed their desire to preserve the tradition and prevent it from being lost with time.

“When we (the villagers) noticed this traditional house, complete with intricate features and in perfect condition, we decided to conserve it, so future generations can enjoy it just as much as we have.

“Initially, I suggested that we take the various sections of the house apart and reassemble them at the new location. But the idea of carrying the house as a whole was brought up instead,” he added.

“So that’s how the programme, ‘Mengusung Rumah Lama’ came about,” he added.

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (Perak) officer, Noor Azira Mohd Rais, said that the programme is unique, and the ministry appreciates and encourages such efforts, as it could be a potential tourist attraction.

“It’s remarkable, as it helps preserve tradition, and simultaneously promotes cultures that haven’t yet been exposed to both locals and tourists,” she added.

Luqman Hakim

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