CSR with a Twist – In Aid of the PWW Shop

Many are now familiar with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) where a large corporation undertakes an activity or donation to “give back” to society. We have recently seen corporations generously donating to Tabung Harapan in aid of our beloved country.

What if you are an individual, like me? Well… we could always undertake our own CSR, that is, Citizen Social Responsibility.

Which is what I have done, in support of the Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) who have recently launched their PWW Shop. The shop is an empowerment project that sells new and pre-loved items donated by people like you and me. The funds raised help the PWW Society continue their work in aid of Perak women who need assistance.

My donation is my natural handmade soap, a hobby I have been mastering for three years now. My primary motivation for making bath soap is to make something that is safe and simple for my family’s daily use.

It started at a time when we learned of several friends, only in their early 40s, who were stricken with cancer. My husband and I talked about healthy living, genetics and our lifestyle products. That pushed me towards researching about soap and I made my first batch in December 2015. We have not bought any commercial brand of bath soap since. I have made soaps for friends and acquaintances who are struggling with cancer or other illnesses and who want to reduce their chemical exposure.

My soaps are completely handmade using plant based oils and natural ingredients such as my own homegrown pandan, turmeric, lemongrass, aloe vera and blue pea flowers. They contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. My oils of choice are coconut oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, olive oil and canola oil.

For me, my handmade soaps fulfil another CSR – Cleansing, Safe and Real. In addition, every time we bathe, there is runoff of our bath water into drains and into our environment. I take delight in knowing that I am also reducing chemical runoff into our waterways using chemical-free bath soap made from natural ingredients.

Do come and check out the PWW Shop where you can find my CSR handmade soaps, for a limited time. There’s no LUSH (fresh handmade cosmetics) in Ipoh but there is no shortage of quality, handcrafted body care products made right here in Ipoh by Ipohites!

Support local enterprise, support local charity, support Malaysia.
(You may also see my creations at
The PWW Shop opens from 10am to 4pm (closed on Tuesday) at 15, Market Street (next door to Market Place Waffle Café). Tel: 05 246 9715.

Judy Lam

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