Teenager Seeks Donor

With a perpetual smile on his face, 14-year-old Muhammad Aidil Adha Muhammad Rizal, is hopeful of recovery to continue his studies like other teenagers.

“I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was one and a half years old which caused blurry vision, numbness, high-blood pressure and loss of appetite. Now I am taking ten types of medicine, which amounts to 20 pills a day.

“I stopped schooling in January, as I had a small surgery where a tube was inserted so that fluid could be drained from my body at home,” he explained.

Aidil and his 12-year-old brother, Muhammad Irfan Hakim Muhammad Rizal, are taken care of by their mother, 39-year-old Aida Ghazali, a single mother since eight years ago. They live in a rented house located at Jalan Kledang Raya 12, Taman Malcop.

According to Aida, the rent has not been paid for two months, as she is short of money due to her business being closed for a month during the last fasting month.

“We receive monthly aid of RM400 from Baitulmal which is used for daily expenses and utility bills. My income is not fixed as I operate a stall selling food for breakfast,” she stated.

She hopes a kind donor would come forward in her hour of need.

“According to the doctor, if Aidil receives a new kidney, he does not need to go for treatment once every three days anymore and will only need to take medicines daily. I hope Aidil can continue his schooling if he receives a new kidney.

“I am prepared to donate my kidney to Aidil but he objects as he is worried that I might end up sick and unable to work to support the family,” she said, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Readers keen to help can forward your donations to Aida Ghazali’s BSN account: 08 10 04 1000 20 54 79. You can also communicate direct with her at: 017 529 1521.

Rosli Mansor

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