Is FMS really opening?

Over the last couple of weeks, Ipoh has been abuzz with rumours that FMS is about to open again. As there have been so many false alarms in the past, most Ipohites are sceptical. However, Yes! Something is definitely happening at the FNS bar after it has lain dormant for more than 10 years.

The old staircase has gone and a new one installed in the bar. All manner of bar fittings are being put in place, including a brand new, modern bar, decorated with period decoration to give the impression of age. There is also a new kitchen underway and if the speed of approach remains as it has been recently, it may actually open before this issue hits the street and Malaysia’s Oldest Pub will rule the roost again. What a shame that Nephew will not be here to pull the first pint!  

Ian Anderson

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