Dear Hardworking Malaysians . . .

“My book is dedicated to all Malaysians who worked very hard for the country that we live in today,” said Kee Thuan Chye during a talk on Friday, March 8 at the Royal Ipoh Club.

The book entitled, “The People’s Victory” has been listed as one of the country’s bestselling books. Kee has written a total of ten books within a 12-year period. He is also an accomplished actor and writer.

Kee’s books mainly focus on the prevalent political scenes in the country. His latest book, “The People’s Victory” relate events that lead to one of Malaysia’s most dramatic moments, March 9, 2018, also known as “the day after GE14”.

The dedication of fellow Malaysians during the 14th General Election was what inspired Kee to write this book.

“I wanted my book to be a record and a reminder to all the citizens. People should know how powerful they are. The process to change a government is definitely not easy but it was well worth the effort,” he said.

When asked what changes he would like to see in the future, the writer replied that race and religion should not be a barrier to unity.

“One should not judge the other based on his belief. The people should not put race and religion before unity,” he posited.

Priced at RM49.90 (paperback), the book is available at all major bookstores.

Joelyn Jonathan & Darshini Sandrasagaran


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