Roadworks and Its Woes

The ongoing roadworks to upgrade the city’s sewage system is causing much inconvenience to road users in Ipoh. They are the major cause of traffic jams and snarls, especially during rush hours.

Plastic and zinc barricades are haphazardly erected to demarcate the affected areas. The demarcation, in most cases, is poorly conceived with little or no signage to warn motorists, motorcyclists and road users.

Due to the roadworks, lanes are closed and motorists have to make detours to reach their destinations. The situation becomes untenable during peak hours. Poor lighting at nighttime is a bane to motorcyclists. As a result, many accidents have occurred near these roadworks.

Ipoh Echo visited a few sites that are frequently used by motorists namely, Fair Park, Greentown and areas around the sports complex.

“Accidents normally occur during early morning hours between 1am to 5am. They usually involve motorcyclists. I’ve been working here for the past six months and have seen many accidents,” said Mohammad, 22, an employee of the 7-Eleven outlet at Jalan Kamaruddin Esa.

Jeremy, 18, a passer-by who frequently drives by Greentown Business Centre daily said that traffic is horrendous especially after 5pm.

Noise produced by machines used in the roadworks keeps residents awake at night. “I hope the contractors involved in the roadworks act more responsibly towards those using the roads and those living around the areas. They should consider our plight,” said Jeyaraj, 78, a retiree who lives across the road along Jalan Stadium.

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