Transmission Tower Raises Concern

by Rosli Mansor

On Wednesday, May 15 over 500 residents of Taman Pusat Bercham protested against the erection of a telecommunication tower at Jalan 74 Hala Tasek Timur 1. The tower is less than 30m away from their houses.

Residents were concerned that the 30-metre-tall tower would impact public health due to radiation.

Chung Yee How, 39, was puzzled how approval was given to the telco company to erect the tower when guidelines were never followed?

The construction of roof-top communication towers, said Chung, is banned according to the Perak Telecommunication Structure Permit Renewal and Building Guideline 2017.

“We’re worried for our health, especially that of our children. We seek an explanation from the responsible party, as the building owner refuses to say anything,” Chung told Ipoh Echo.

Halina Abdul Rahman, 70, shared her concern. Three of her neighbours passed away a few years ago due to cancer.

“This is the third tower. The previous two had already been built on top of a building at Jalan 54 Hala Tasek Timur 1. My house is just 20 metres behind the shop lot. The death of my three neighbours raises concern,” she lamented.

Earlier, about 30 residents from the area held a peaceful protest requesting the authorities to take necessary actions.

Meanwhile, Perak MCA Complaint Bureau and Public Service Chief, Low Guo Nan said that a letter highlighting residents’ fears had been sent to Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

“I urge the assemblyman for Bercham, Ong Boon Piow, to listen to his constituents’ complaints,” said Low.

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