In Dire Straits

By Rosli Mansor

Infant Mohd Adam Mikhail Muzamer, 8 months, had surgery performed when he was three days old. The child suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition where cerebral fluid builds up in the head causing it to swell.

His mother, Aida Nadia Khairul Rizal, 23, said doctors confirmed her son’s condition when he was still in the womb. ‘’I was hoping it’s all a bad dream.’’ She was told that her son had only a few hours to live after birth.

“It’s difficult to describe my feelings. I was hoping for God’s blessing. Adam’s movements reinforced my hopes and made me believe he’d be alright,” she told Ipoh Echo when met at her house in Taman Menglembu Impiana.

He was born with a normal weight of 3.66kg while the swelling on his head was 400g.

Adam was treated at the General Hospital, Ipoh. Surgery was performed to remove the excess fluid. However, a minor bump on the left side of his head is getting bigger by the day. Doctors are now monitoring the swelling and will operate if necessary.

Aida hopes her son would come through.

“He is a good boy who seldom cries. He needs a stroller to move about. My husband can’t afford such a luxury. He earns very little as a carpenter.”

Readers keen to help can contact Aida Nadia via her mobile number: 013 798 5864.

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