Letter: Spirit of Patriotism towards Merdeka Celebration

The Theme – LOVE OUR MALAYSIA (Sayangi Malaysiaku)

The word patriot comes from patrios (Greek) which means ‘of one’s fathers’. Patriotism or national pride is the fellow of love, devotion and a sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiments.

It also involves nationalistic, chauvinistic, constant devotion, faithfulness, loyalty, staunch, steadfast, steady and true spirit. It also involves accepting the responsibility of good citizenship. Every citizen must abide by the constitution and adhere to all existing laws and orders.

A true patriot loves the country and is ready to sacrifice everything for his or her own country. The patriotic person works with full dedication and wholeheartedly for the welfare of the motherland.

There are many ways where we can express our patriotism.

  1. Our first response is to defend the country from all forms of threats from within and without.
  2. Respect our national anthem Negaraku.
  3. Flying of Jalur Gemilang in our homes.
  4. To break the racial divide among people of diverse races to overcome the racial polarisation.
  5. To know our basic freedoms and core democratic values.
  6. This includes justice, sovereignty, life quality, diversity, the pursuit of happiness, truth and the rule of law.
  7. In a multi-religious society, we should ensure that religious harmony continues to prevail.
  8. To remember the unsung heroes who have sacrificed in all fields.

Our father of Independence, Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Abdul Rahman had this to say about patriotism:

“Independence is like a tree. If everyone takes care of it, the tree will grow, blossom and bear fruit. if we neglect, the tree will surely die and fit only for use as firewood.”

So let us sow the seeds of patriotism today so we can all enjoy the fruits of love, peace, harmony and tolerance, forever.

James Ratnam

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