Calling All Aspiring Inventors!


By Tan Mei Kuan

Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) Perak Chapter organised a briefing on the upcoming invention competition, International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX), followed by a hands-on workshop at YMCA Ipoh recently.

The objectives of the briefing were to enable schools to learn all about ITEX, create interest, encourage active participation and kickstart preparation leading up to the international competition.

Jointly organised by MINDS, ITEX is endorsed by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and supported by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change Malaysia and Ministry of Education Malaysia, among others.

Tan Kim Seng, the chairman of MINDS Perak Chapter told Ipoh Echo, “The response is very encouraging with over 100 teachers and students from 25 schools in attendance. I encourage more Perak schools to enter ITEX, World Young Inventors Exhibition (WYIE), Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE), Malaysian Young Inventor Exhibition (MYIE) and the like. MINDS Perak will assist them. For example, today, the schools are given guidance on the criteria for judging.”

Dr Chakr Nagara, vice president of MINDS Perak Chapter explained, “The annual ITEX will be held in the middle of next year (June 8 to 10) in Kuala Lumpur and will see the participation of primary schools, secondary schools and universities from Asia including Malaysia. We encourage students to think.”

During the afternoon session “From Ideas to Market”, participants were introduced to the concept of team building to move ideas forward. Interested participants were advised to register with Ms Dong, Secretary of MINDS Perak Chapter at 016 338 6524.

Each team would ideally consist of four participants. The team would meet and decide on an idea. Ideas should be relevant, marketable, practical, not too costly to develop and original. Meetings amongst team members would be held regularly either in discussions across the table or virtual through the internet. The immediate aim would be to develop an idea to a stage where it could be exhibited at ITEX.

According to Dr Nagara, issues facing teams would include a decision on an idea, conceptual details and drawings about the idea, technical and engineering issues, development of the prototype, testing of the prototype and finally the market potential of the product. It is only when these important issues are resolved will teams be ready for ITEX.

“Inventors don’t be shy. Come forward, break the mould and forget about preconceived ideas. Think out of the box. It could be any invention idea from social innovation, music, song, a poem to physical items such as books, for instance. We want students to learn to think and not to memorise. Perak has a lot of potential and talents that have yet to be honed,” he highlighted.

After its Ipoh stop, another similar talk was held in Taiping on Saturday, October 5 as part of its continuous effort.

MINDS Perak Chapter is a state branch of MINDS Malaysia, a non-profit making NGO formed in 1986. MINDS is the largest body in Malaysia representing individuals, universities and companies to encourage creative invention, innovation, industrial design, research and development.

Interested schools and students who would like to join ITEX’20, partial funding would be provided for selected competitors to cover transportation costs etc. Do visit its website at


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