History and Culture through Old Notes and Coins

Coins collection is an acquired hobby. For most of us, money is a type of promissory note payable to the bearer on demand; but for those whose passion lies in the field of numismatics, to collect a coin or a piece of banknote is akin to owning a piece of history, because each of them is beautifully designed and is able to tell stories of the past.

At the 5th Ipoh Coins Fair and first International Numis Conference 2019 at Ipoh Parade recently, a large crowd came up close and personal with the avid collectors.

Organised by Raymond Chow Galleries in support of the Perak Numismatic Association (PPNP) and Tourism Perak, the four-day event held from October 3 to 6 brought together hobbyists and dealers from all over the globe to exchange views and insights on their collectibles while exposing and educating the public on the numismatic traditions and history.

“The design of money is usually influenced by the government of the time and the available technology; it often reflects a nation’s culture or even its aspirations. Sometimes, it can also mark the change of a king, dynasty, governments or empires. Hence, this Coins Fair and Numis Conference provides an opportunity for locals to browse through different collectables and learn more about the history behind each artefact,” said Yew Sook Kim, manager of Raymond Chow Galleries.

The event’s foreign exhibitors were, among them, China Gold Coin Incorporation, Hong Kong Hua Yun Culture Collection Appraisal Co.Ltd, Beijing Kim Cheon Pavillion Commemorative, China PCCB, Breathing Life into Familiar Places and Singapore Alwrich Wee SC. Each trader brought in banknotes from different countries and eras for sale and display. Free evaluation and consultation services on collectibles were available.

Trader Keng Chee, 26, who bought several banknotes, said the banknotes were not merely collectibles, each banknote has a history attached to it and it helped to deepen his understanding about a country’s culture and history.

Zuhairi, 27, from Bidor, Perak said he was glad to have dropped by the event and it was an eye-opener for him.

“I am amazed by the uniqueness and rich histories behind these collectibles, I think I will never see banknotes and coins the same way again. They are clearly more than what meets the eye,” said Zuhairi.

Yew, who is also the Secretary of the PPNP,  expressed her gratitude to the mall for hosting the event. She said youths should take up the hobby as it enhances one’s knowledge of history and politics as well as developing a sense of appreciation for arts and culture.

“These coins and banknotes are treasures worth investing in because they connect us to the past and reflects the present,” added Yew.

Meanwhile, Advertising and Promotion department Assistant Manager Lim Huey Tyng said she was glad that the event had received great response from the public and that the mall would gladly support and host the event again in the future. “I believe our shoppers have benefited a lot from this event and on our end, we will also continue to organise more educational activities for our shoppers,” added Lim.

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