Ban Pecah Beyond Fishing Paradise

y Rosli Mansor

The story has it that the scenic Ban Pecah, literally meaning, “Broken Bund” was given the name due to a curse of an orphan in the 1960s. This orphan owned a piece of land here but it was sold off by his uncle without his knowledge. Because of the curse, the retaining wall erected along the coast continued to disintegrate. Thus, the paddy fields were transformed into the sea.

Presently, Ban Pecah, which is located at Tanjung Piandang in Kerian District, is the state’s largest rice bowl. It is a popular destination for anglers, photographers and families as a relaxing weekend getaway.

Your trip is incomplete without you dropping by Parit 30 Prawn Noodle Stall (Gerai Mee Udang Parit 30) on the way to Ban Pecah. Enjoy a bowl of noodles filled with prawn and crab meat, a favourite of many film stars and dignitaries.

The stall offers a boat tour package named, “Let’s Explore Sungai Kurau by Boat” for a closer look at the mangrove swamps, lighthouse, fishing activities and the Kuala Gula Bridge.

Don’t miss the dried fish and traditional cakes (kuih muih). They are affordably priced and are sold at the same stall.

Next on the itinerary is the town of Parit Buntar. It is located about 5km from Tanjung Piandang. The iconic Parit Buntar Clock Tower, unveiled by Tunku Abdul Rahman on August 24, 1961, is the most recognisable landmark of the town.

Check out Non Pak Ali Station Cafe, owned by local entrepreneur Yusri Yahya, for its irresistible chicken rice (nasi ayam berhantu), white curry noodles (mee kari putih) and meatballs. With a cosy ambience, the cafe operates from 4pm until midnight (closed on Fridays).

You will be surprised to know that the cafe has another branch at Pekan Baru (new town) in Pinggiran Sungai Kerian. It operates between 8am and midnight.

Last but not least, bring home souvenirs from the bazaar next to Pinggiran Sungai Kerian. There is something for everyone.

Ban Pecah
GPS coordinates: N 5o 2’39.77844” E 100o 23’1.82832”
Gerai Mee Udang Parit 30 Kuala Kurau
FB: Mee Udang Parit 30
GPS coordinates: N 5o 0’35.25228” E 100o 24’27.04896”
Tel: 011 2413 4842 and 012 587 3844
Non Pak Ali Station
FB: Non Pak Ali
GPS coordinates: N 5o 7’44.09328” E 100o 29’25.99404”
Tel: 012 459 3722 and 012 748 5958
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