RM1.098 Billion For 2020 Budget

By Rosli Mansor

Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu announced an allocation totalling RM1.098 billion for the 2020 Budget on Friday, November 15.

“From the total, RM771 million is allocated for operating expenditure, while RM430 million for development expenditure,” he said when tabling the 2020 State Budget at the Perak State Legislative Assembly held at the Perak Darul Ridzuan building.

The budget would concentrate on four focus areas, namely Generating Balanced Economy; Social Justice, People’s Wellbeing and Sustainability of Resources and Environment; Empowering Education and Human Capital; and Strengthening Governance and Fostering Mutual Responsibility.

Running on the theme, “Perak is Resilient, Sustainable and Inclusive”, the budget was designed by taking into consideration the challenging environment of the world economy to sustain the economic growth momentum, boost the competitiveness of the state and human capital as well as to ensure those in need receive assistance.

“The state economy is expected to grow continuously at a rate of five per cent a year driven by the service, manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

“Revenue for 2020 was projected at RM1.059 billion from tax revenue, non-tax revenue and non-revenue receipts, and RM38.4 million from development receipts.

He added that the state government would focus on diversifying economic activities by concentrating on attracting investments relevant to the rapid changes in the world economy to ensure a sustainable state economy.

“The existing policies would always be evaluated to adapt to current changes in technology due to Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the digital economy,” he concluded.

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