What Feng Shui goodness is in store for you in 2020?

Master Tham’s Feng Shui tips


Feng Shui  or the Art of Geomancy has been around for aeons.

Master Tham Kuen Wei and his father Grandmaster Stanley Tham

Whether one believes in it or not, it is here to stay and a lot of people have sworn t its efficacy. Ipoh Echo talked to Grandmaster Stanley Tham and his son Master Tham Kuen Wei, Feng Shui consultants based in Ipoh who have provided both personal and corporate Feng Shui services for individuals and public listed companies in Perak and Malaysia what the Year of the Rat has in store for Ipoh and Perak. 

They should know, having consulted companies like EcoWorld Berhad and the Genting Group. 

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that is crucial in enhancing our life and improving our destiny. Feng Shui energies of the Year are effective when it comes to Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui, while the most effective energies are only able to be yielded through analyzing the geographical surroundings, the compatibility of individual birth charts with the location, and the overall design and plan of the Building.

Feng Shui survives over 4,000 years* (Cambridge, 2004) and had been practised widely until today. Emerging earlier than most cultural and religious practices, Feng Shui is not a religion, but a theological practice that has survived and expanded internationally including being implemented by personalities including Donald Trump (Guardian (2005) & New York Times (2005), Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka Shing, Tan Sri’ Lim Goh Tong* (The Star, 2008), Tan Sri’ Lee Kim Yew* (The Edge, 2014), Tan Sri’ Francis (The Star, 2017), Tan Sri’ Teo Soo Cheng* (The Edge, 2014) or corporations such as Disney, the New York Transportation Authority and Genting Casino Group.

Master Tham said, “We have witnessed thousands of successful cases on how Feng Shui can benefit our clients, from small homeowners to large corporations of public listed companies. We have a long list of transparent testimonials by successful clients who share their experience on our services. We are one of the leading hands-on Feng Shui consultants who specialize in Feng Shui consulting. We do not teach and provide any courses in Feng Shui.”

In Feng Shui, the motive is to receive “Sheng Qi 生气” which literally means lively and positive energies. Without Sheng Qi, it denotes death, failures, disappointments and absence of growth. “Qi” also refers to air and energy which flows around and within us, including a property that is occupied. Feng Shui had proven over the millenniums to have a strong influence upon occupants including descendants ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and even graveyards. Feng Shui can only be proven by experience, real case studies, and testimonials from people. Hence, Feng Shui very much resembles that of religion but is not one. 

Master Tham’s Feng Shui tips for this year include:

■ To gain authority, respect and recognition, you may utilize the South-East sector by facing the South East Direction or sleep with the headboard facing South East. You may also place a potted plant in this sector, provided the plant is a healthy one and not poisonous or thorny.

■ If you have a fish pond at home, it is advisable to be very cautious when it comes to water features for though water features bring luck, it also brings bad energies if not in the right position. 

■ To improve your relationship with people, increase your network, enhance romance luck, you can utilize the South West Sector. Place a yellow lamp in this sector, and you may sit facing the South-West sector. This sector and direction are also auspicious for those sitting for examinations.

■ To achieve successful undertakings that have been delayed or dragging for a long time, you may utilize the North West sector and direction. This can be done by either facing or sleeping heading towards North-West sector. 

■ Generally, there must be a balance of spaces, colour, window openings, glass and other fixtures within the building. Too many of something is usually bad.

■ Avoid facing the North Direction as this would create tensions, disputes and hostility 

Those who are born under the years of Rat are curious in nature, may be secretive, devious and have good observation skills. Social recognition is important to them and they hate failure. Besides, they love to enjoy life and are inclined to be honest. Rats are energetic, talkative, charming and sometimes aggressive. They are also witty, smart, and good in problem-solving. Although they have good advises to others, they do not share their problems with others easily. 

Here are some predictions for those born under the year of Rat:-

■ Those who are born under the year of Rat are in a position of offending Tai Sui this year. They should not make any major changes and great decisions in 2020 and are advised not to change their job rashly as you may not get any new positions due to unexpected situations. 

There may be more obstacles in relationships, working environment and undertakings. In terms of Wealth, they will have very limited capital income for the whole year. Fortunately, there is stable income from your work despite unlikely windfalls, hence it is viable to opt for low-risk investments with relatively low returns. 

In 2020, you will easily have new cooperation opportunities but may lose the opportunities no matter how carefully you plan due to the fact of a clash with Tai Sui. So, you should not be too radical but take a “wait-and-see” approach. If you have a happy event at the beginning of this year, you can effectively improve your fortune this year. 

For the older groups of people, you may face minor illnesses this year. Exercise gently if possible and maintain a healthy diet. As for the young ones, you are advised to maintain a proper diet, exercise regularly and join more social activities. 

You are encouraged to reach out and socialize more with other people to learn new experiences and exchange ideas. It would benefit you both psychologically and mentally. For those who are born under the year of Rat, the elderly may foster tighter bonds with the younger generation. If you are single, you would find more opportunities to meet new people. 

The above advice is only the tip of an ice-berg. For further details, please kindly refer to Master Tham’s 2020 Good Fortune & Success Feng Shui Book.

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