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Nosh News: Google Starred Banana Fritters

By Murni Fazira

Who would think that banana fritters sold from under a nondescript house porch could be rated 4.8-star on Google Maps?

It is so popular that even outsiders patronise the place during weekends. The foods they seek are banana and cempedak (jackfruit) fritters. The high-customer traffic flow is matched with a high amount of rave reviews.

“The batter is our own and my dad was the one who created it,” said Kak Yen, the owner’s daughter.

One review claimed that the place sold the best fritters, keropok lekor (fish crackers), ubi goreng (deep-fried sweet potatoes), cucur jagung (corn fritters) and cekodok (banana snack). The cempedak and banana fritters are the crowd’s favourites.

There is little standing room. Fortunately, chairs are being provided for those who have difficulty standing.

During cempedak season a lively crowd will swarm the compound. Dignitaries, both young and old, have made their appearances too. They are among some of the diehard fans. “Our customers vary during weekdays and weekends. Government officers are here on weekdays and weekends are filled with families and travellers from afar,” said Yen.

This small business has been operating for almost 30 years. It is currently being run by the second generation. A new branch will be open within a year or two. Deep-fried sweet potatoes, cocoyams and breadfruit are also available on occasion.

The snacks are reasonably priced. Banana and cempedak fritters at just RM2 for five pieces, cucur jagung and cekodok RM1 for seven pieces, keropok lekor RM1 for four pieces and the sweet potatoes at RM1 for three pieces.

Besides operating from the small stall, they also cater for big events like weddings, birthdays and others. They were booked to serve their fritters during the Deepavali Open House 2019 held at Dataran MBI.

The stall is located at 47-1, Tingkat Seri Rapat 8, Taman Maju Rapat, 31350 Ipoh. For details call 012 510 9637. Advance booking is encouraged.


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