Pulagen’s Fight ~ ACS Alumni Rally Support for His Recovery

By Anne Das

Pulagenthiran, affectionately known as Pulagen, a resilient Form 3 student from ACS School Ipoh, has recently encountered a life-altering accident. In early March, while returning from temple, he was involved in a tragic incident that left him hospitalised for 22 days. During this tumultuous period, he spent 9 days in the ICU and another 3 days in the general ward of Tuanku Bainun General Hospital here.

Pulagen’s harrowing time in the hospital bed reflects his journey hanging precariously between life and death, now on the path to recovery.

The accident inflicted severe injuries on Pulagen, resulting in memory loss and an inability to recognize his family members. His journey to recovery has been arduous, marked by facial surgery, procedures to drain fluid from his lungs, and reliance on a ventilator. Moreover, he currently sustains himself through a specialised milk formula which is administered via a tube.

The financial strain on Pulagen’s family is substantial. His father, Ramuthavalli, a retired ranger turned freelance gardener, and his mother, Amuthavalli, who had to leave her employment to care for him, face mounting medical expenses. With two sisters still in school, the family’s resources are stretched thin, exacerbating their predicament.

Recovery and Hope ~ Pulagen, surrounded by his loving parents, at home in Resettlement Village, Jelapang, eagerly anticipating his return to school.

However, amidst the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope. Pulagen’s resilience shines through as he exhibits a positive mindset and a strong desire to resume normalcy. Despite being unable to walk and consume solid food presently, he eagerly awaits the day when he can return to school and indulge in his passion for sports, particularly futsal.

The support extended by the ACS Alumni Exco and the wider community is invaluable. During a recent visit to Pulagen’s home, the Ipoh Alumni Association, led by President Datuk Lean Meng Soon, made a generous cash donation of RM1,000, along with additional in-kind contributions totalling RM180. Furthermore, individual Exco members and their associates rallied together, contributing RM1,870 in cash and RM180 worth of supplies, demonstrating solidarity in times of need.

ACS Alumni Exco members (L-R) Mr Abtar Singh, Dato Dr. Sushil Ratti, Mr. Daniel Devadass, Rev. Joel Zechariah, Mr. Adam Chow and President Datuk Lean Meng Seong extend support to Pulagen and his family.

The ACS Alumni emphasises the importance of collective action in aiding Pulagen’s recovery. They encourage fellow “Old Salts” and members of the public to come forward and offer assistance, be it through financial contributions or moral support. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, contributes to Pulagen’s journey towards healing and restoration.

For those willing to extend a helping hand, donations can be made directly to Pulagenthiran’s mother, Amuthavalli A/P Raman, via the following bank details below:-

Bank Name: BSN
Account Number: 0810029000314375
Telephone: 01151200037

Additionally, personal visits to offer support and encouragement are warmly welcomed.

Pulagen looks forward to a brighter tomorrow, thanks to the support of his community.
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