Extreme Sports ATV Adventure at Prospek Rusa Lenggong Set to Captivate Tourists

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Lenggong – The deer farming location in Mukim Durian Pipit, Lenggong is set to attract attention as it opens to the public in mid-May.

Mohd. Izwan Noor Azman, the manager of Prospek Rusa Deer Farming and AgroTourism in Lenggong, stated that alongside the 180-acre deer farming area, there will be a designated route for the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) extreme sports activity.

“We will provide a special route for ATV activities without disturbing the deer farming. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural greenery and get a closer look at the habitat of these farm animals,” he said.

“The ATV trail will feature obstacles to make it more challenging. I believe that with the introduction of this adventurous activity, Lenggong will be better recognized in addition to being famous as a historical site,” he added during a media briefing as part of the introduction tour of the Perak AgroTourism Carnival 2024 (PAC 2024) organized by the State Agricultural Development Corporation (SADC), Perak.

According to Mohd Izwan, more than 250 Timorensis deer have been bred for commercial purposes since 2020, with SADC, Perak acting as the implementing agency and payer for Prospek Rusa Lenggong.

“Fourteen individuals from the B40 group have been appointed by the Lenggong Economic Driving Cooperative Berhad to operate this farm,” he said.

“Prospek Rusa Lenggong has proven to boost the local economy. During the recent Aidilfitri celebration, the demand for deer meat was very encouraging. Fifteen deer were slaughtered, and sales revenue reached RM25,000.

“The domestic demand for deer meat is very high, including from hotels and restaurants. However, the demand from hotels for continuous deer meat supply cannot be met because we also need to breed the existing deer,” he explained.

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