GARBAGE VIGILANTE: Taman Tasik Bandar Baru Kampar has a lot of trash

By Zaki Salleh

KAMPAR: It’s hard to say, but it’s also hard not to say.

These are the general comments from the public regarding the cleanliness issue at Taman Tasik Bandar Baru Kampar here.

Trash such as drink bottles, plastic, and food containers are scattered around, spoiling the view.

The attitude of a handful of visitors who do not care about cleanliness also leads to behavior such as littering anywhere, including by the roadside.

A visitor, Kamarul Bahri, said such filthy behavior tarnishes the beauty of the recreational park.

“Anyone who comes here should take their trash back with them or prepare a bag and dispose of it elsewhere.

“We always talk about cleanliness, saying that other countries are beautiful, but we do not care about the attractive places in our own country,” he said.

A student, Hafez Razman, also complained because he said cleanliness issues are often a problem among our community.

Additionally, he said, foreign residents also contribute to the cleanliness problems.

“We need to educate foreign residents about the practice of maintaining cleanliness because I have noticed that some foreigners come here for picnics.

“They are also known for their indifferent and irresponsible attitude,” he said.

Taman Tasik Bandar Baru is a popular recreational area located next to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UNITAR).

This beautiful location was built more than 10 years ago so that the local community could have a place to engage in recreational activities, exercise, fishing, and photography.

The scenery at this lake will surely captivate anyone, even if it is their first time visiting.

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