Kuak Hill Resort: The Sought-After ‘Nature Healing’!

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

Feeling weary and drained from the bustling city life? You’re undoubtedly seeking a getaway to replenish lost happiness and positive vibes.

Kuak Hill Resort (KHR), located in Kampung Kuak, Lata Papan, is a newly established tourist centre embracing the concept of ‘Nature Healing’, promising the tranquillity one desires.

The presence of this eco-friendly resort further solidifies Lembah Lenggong as a recognized geotourism destination, designated as a National Geopark on December 16, 2021.

Mohd Azrul Nizam Aziz, the manager of Kuak Hill Resort, highlighted the unique geography of the resort situated atop a hill, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Raban surrounded by the Titiwangsa and Bintang Ranges.

“KHR offers two types of accommodation: glamping and villas. There are six glamping sites, with two tents per site priced at RM199.

“For villa accommodation, we have three types: single-bed villas (RM349), double-bed villas (RM399), and two-story villas (RM749).

“We also provide tent equipment for rent, special parking facilities in Kg Lata Papan, 4×4 transportation services from the parking area to the resort, a mini zoo, merchandise gallery, prayer room, BBQ facilities, and ATV activities,” he told the media during the introduction visit of the Perak Agrotourism Carnival (PAC 2024) organized by the State Agricultural Development Corporation (SADC), Perak, recently.

Mohd Azrul further mentioned that visitors have the opportunity to experience the freshness of mountain water flowing directly into the infinity pool. The pool water undergoes a three-stage filtration process at an altitude of three kilometres.

“The ‘jungle walk’ activity is also popular among visitors as they get to experience a closer connection with nature, including fascinating waterfalls.

“What’s most special here is that from June to August, visitors can enjoy complimentary fruits and eat to their heart’s content. There is an eight-acre fruit orchard, mostly planted with durian trees,” he added.

For further information, contact 013-870 5101 or visit the website:

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