Pomelos Beyond Tambun

By Mei Kuan

Besides Tambun, Kampung Lian Seng in Kuala Kurau is fast rising as a major producer of quality pomelos as over 50 farms cover its landscape.

“Pomelos with pink flesh are sweet while those with reddish flesh are sweet with a tinge of sour. Those found in Kampung Lian Seng are the sweet ones. The two harvesting seasons are during the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival as the fruits make an ideal gift. The soil composition here contributes to quality pomelos with better texture and taste. Thus Kampung Lian Seng pomelos are in high demand with a majority being exported to Singapore especially during Chinese New Year. Within Malaysia, we export to Bukit Gantang (Perak), Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth (Penang) and Johor,” explained Low Kim Cheng, the owner of a two-acre orchard which his father started almost 30 years ago.

“We fear the strong winds and rain when the flowers on pomelo trees are blooming as it affects harvest,” he added. Born in Kampung Lian Seng, Low currently resides in Kuala Gula.

At present, the 72-year-old Low also plants soursop, coconut, banana and tangerine in addition to pomelo. According to him, soursops are increasing in popularity as it is believed to lower high blood pressure and helps fight cancer.

“In the beginning, my father planted vegetables and then cocoa trees,” he recalled.


For guided visits and tours, readers can call the amiable Low Kim Cheng at 016 518 1693.

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