10 Cases Today, Lowest Since MCO

The Ministry of Health announced just today on May 28 the nation’s lowest number of newly recorded COVID-19 cases, which is at 10. It has been two consecutive days that the nation recorded the lowest number of new cases.

Previously, the lowest number was 16 cases on May 12 and 15 yesterday on May 27.

Interestingly, today observed a very significant decrease in comparison with 187 cases on Tuesday, May 26, which involved mostly non-Malaysian individuals.

According to the Director-General of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the 10 cases today accumulated to 7, 629 overall cases of COVID-19 infection. Five of them involved non-Malaysians, while no imported cases were recorded.

He also informed that no deaths due to COVID-19 were reported today.

“It has been five consecutive days with no deaths,” Noor Hisham added. “Eight positive cases are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Four of them require respiratory aids.”

Meanwhile, 1,345 active cases have a high infectivity of COVID-19.


Rosli Mansor

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