Some Still Not Adhering to SOPs

Business activities which have resumed for over a month now see most of the owners of business premises adhering to the health and safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) as set by the National Security Council and Ministry of Health.

However, few are still not adhering to the SOPs which include social distancing and putting on face masks.

Saifuddin Salimi

Saifuddin Salimi, 29, who operates a food premises at Medan Selera Stadium (Stadium Foodcourt) expressed that it is of utmost importance to disinfect the tables, chairs and kitchen tools.  

“The next step is to ensure that the tables are arranged two metres apart as urged by the Ministry of Health. To ensure that the customers practise social distancing, we have placed notices with x markers on the chairs and tables where one table is allowed to be seated by two or three people only depending on the table measurement. Customers must undergo temperature checks and record their attendance in the book provided among others.

Practicing social distancing is not enough; it is also important to keep wearing a mask and refrain from touching your face.

“We do not encourage those who are at-risk such as the elderly above 60 years of age, kids under 12 years old and the differently abled to come here in order to ensure their health and safety.”


Ipohite Fahmi Mohd, 33, observed that some members of society still fail to practise social distancing.

“We must adhere to the SOPs as urged by the government to contain the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. We must also be thankful to all the frontliners who have worked hard to look after the people,” he added. 


Luqman Hakim

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