Go Green by Bringing Own Food Container

Under the leadership of the Ipoh mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin and city secretary, Zuraina Kamarul Ariff, Ipoh City Council (MBI) is now going green with a campaign of bringing their own food containers tomorrow onwards (July 17). 

According to Rumaizi in a statement, the campaign is MBI’s effort to not only set an example for Ipohites to practice the same habit in buying food, but also to pave the way to a low carbon city with zero usage of polystyrenes. 

“MBI staff may get a reduction of up to RM0.30 on their food purchased in the council’s canteen, depending on the size of the food container brought,” he said. “An additional RM0.20 will be charged by the canteen operator instead should plastic bags be used to pack food.” 

Ipohites, let’s do the same when taking away our meals! 


Chris Teh

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